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DI Magazine Issue 01 now available..and it's free!

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Fire up your iPads folks as the first issue of DI magazine is onsale now. Well that's not strictly true as this issue is free! So if you haven't already downloaded a copy, click icon-9here to go straight to the iTunes store for your copy.




Welcome to the first edition of DI magazine, a new interactive endeavour from the same guys who bring you the great tutorial content featured in better photoshop techniques print magazine, www.Photoshopelements.Net resource site and countless photography books published by focal press and others.
The interactive abilities of Apple’s iPad, along with the great publishing tools produced by Adobe, has provided us with the best way to get our compelling content to you. Not only do you receive the clear, concise and thoughtful techniques and tutorials that you expect from us, we can now present in a much more interactive and engaging fashion. So feel free to start swiping, tapping, pinching and rotating.

LIGHTROOM CAUGHT IN THE ACT OF CONTROLLING TONE: Swipe to see what is possible when you have your tones under control.

KELLY CASTRO: WORDS AND PICTURES: With over 100 images in his exterior series, Kelly Castro knows a thing or two about capturing and producing compelling portraits.

TOWARDS A DIGITAL ZONE SYSTEM: We rework the lessons of the past for the modern image maker as we marry the ideals of Ansel Adam’s Zone System with the capture, process, print options available to the digital photographer.

TONAL CONTROL-KEY FEATURES AND TOOLS: Not sure what options you have for tonal control inside your favourite software? We overview the key tools and features in Photoshop, Lightroom and Photoshop Elements.

TONAL CONTROL: ESSENTIAL TECHNIQUES: Put the tools to work in your own images with this collection must-know tonal control techniques.

Panels, Presets and Actions:
CUSTOM PHOTOSHOP CS5/CS4 PANELS: Create sophisticated luminosity masks quickly and easily with our custom Photoshop CS5/CS4 panels.

PHOTOSHOP CS5 MEETS AUGMENTED REALITY: DI brings augmented reality to the iPad in celebration of Photoshop CS5. Click here for more!

App_Store_Badge_EN-200 Download your free copy from Apple's AppStore