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How do I read my e-pub book with Adobe Digital Editions?

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Reading e-pub books with Adobe Digital Editions:

Digital books available from this site are delivered in the e-Pub format. We have tested these books on iPad and iPhone devices as well as Adobe's free Digital Editons reader.  For instructions on how to your books onto the iPad or iPhone click here.

  1. Start by downloading Adobe's Digital Editions reader. The reader is available for both Mac and Windows systems and provides ePub access on your desktop or laptop machine. Download the latest version here.
  2. Next locate the e-pub book file that you downloaded from our website. Start Digital EDitions
  3. Drag the book file to the Digital Editions window. Automatically the book will be added to the reader's library.

NOTE: You can download items such as books or panels a maximum of three times. If you are having troubles with your download please email technical support here.


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