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How do I make a purchase and download an item from the DI-Magazine.com store?

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Instructions for purchasing and downloading items from the www.DI-Magazine store:

Have a look at this short video for instructions or use the steps below.

  1. To download any items from the DI-Magazine.com store you must first be a registered member of the site. So start by clicking the Create An Account entry in the Login Form section on the left of the home page.
  2. Next, click onto the Shop menu heading at the top of the page and locate the item you wish to download. In this case, you are wanting to purchase a book so click onto the E-Pub Books category and select the book entry.
  3. Click the Add To Cart button at the bottom of the entry and then, if you have finished shopping, click the Your Shopping Cart button at the top right of the screen.
  4. Review the items in your cart and then click the Checkout button.
  5. After proceeding through the checkout you will see a summary screen with a link to a page with the detail of your order. Click this link to diaply your receipt together with a download link to transfer your book from the site to your computer.
  6. Alternatively you will also receive an email detailing your transaction that will also include a download link for the file.ยท

NOTE: You can download items such as books or panels a maximum of three times. If you are having troubles with your download please email technical support here.


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