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How do I install custom DI Lightroom Adjustment Brush presets?

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Installation instructions:

01 Start by processing your order through the shopping cart system. Remember there is no cost to you but you do have to process the order. The presets are contained in a single compressed.ZIP file which will be downloaded to your computer. You will need to expand or decompress this file before you can use them.

02 Windows users should right-click the file and choose Expand All from the pop-up menu, Mac users just need to double-click the file to expand it. Choose where you want the decompressed files to be saved and then click OK to complete the process. You will now have a folder called something like "Lightroom-Brush-Presets" containing a bunch of .lrtemplate files.

03 Next you will need to move (or copy) the Lightroom_Brush_Presets folder to the directory where Lightroom Brush Presets are stored. This is different for Windows and Mac users. Here are the locations for Win7 and Mac OSX:

  • Win7 - c drive: Users-[username]-AppData-Roaming-Adobe-Lightroom-Local Adjustment Presets (you may need todisplay the hidden system files on you machine so you can see the AppData folder. Search for the Folder Options dialogue and select the "Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drives" option the the Advanced Settings sections of the View Tab.
  • MacOSX -[username]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Local Adjustment Presets

Alternatively you can go to Lightroom Preferences dialog, click on the Presets Tab and press the Show Lightroom Presets Folder. This will display the folder without having to navigate through the directory structure.


04 Restart Lightroom to register the new presets. Now, select an image and click on the Develop module heading. Next, display the new presets by selecting the Adjustment Brush and clicking the Effect menu at the top of the panel. The new options will be listed along with you other saved Adjustment Brush Presets. To use simply, click on an entry to brush the development settings to the selected image. Make sure you check New to create a new brush before picking a new preset otherwise the preset will be applied to the area you just painted.

PLEASE NOTE: Our presets have been tested on Lightroom version 3 and also note that though we have tested these presets and the installation instructions listed here we hold no responsibility for loss or damage of your data brought about by incorrect usage of these assets.


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