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How do I install a custom DI Photoshop action?

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Installation instructions:


01 Start by processing your order through the shopping cart system. Remember there is no cost to you but you do have to process the order. The action is stored in a compressed.ZIP file which will be downloaded to your computer. You will need to expand or decompress this file before you can use them.


02 Windows users should right-click the file and choose Expand All from the pop-up menu, Mac users just need to double-click the file to expand it. Choose where you want the decompressed file to be saved and then click OK to complete the process. You will now have a file called "BPT Actions PS.atn".


03 Now double-click the BPT Actions.atn file to install the action into Photoshop. Open an ecxample image into Photoshop and display the Actions panel (Window > Actions). Select the BPT Split Tone GRain Border entry and click the Play button to run the action.

PLEASE NOTE: Most BPT actions have been tested on Photoshop CS5 but may also work on other versions of the program. Also note that though we have tested theaction and the installation instructions listed here we hold no responsibility for loss or damage of your data brought about by incorrect usage of these assets.


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