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How do I install a Custom Panel in Photoshop?

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Panel installation instructions:

Check out this installation video or us the steps below to install your panel.


01 Start by downloading the custom panel from the DI-Magazine web site.


02 Decompress the file if it is a compressed ZIP folder. To do this in Windows, right-click the file and choose Extract All from the menu.

NOTE: Some panels will just contain a MXP file which can be installed directly into Photoshop with the Adobe Extension Manager. Other panels will require you to install both an action set and a panel file. In this example we assume that you have two files to install.

Install the Action Set first


03 Double-click the Action Set file (labelled with a .ATN extension) to install the file into Photoshop.



04 Display the Actions panel (Window > Actions) and check that the Action Set has successfully installed.


05 If you have any difficulties manually install the Action Set by selecting the Load Actions entry from the panel menu. Locate the ATN file in the browser and click OK to install.

Now onto the panel file


06 Double click on the ZXP or MXP panel file to start the installation process.


07 The Adobe Extension Manager CS5 utility will automatically open. This program is used to install and delete 3rd party panels to and from Adobe programs. You may need to click OK to an extensions disclaimer to continue. Once installed the new panel will appear as a new extensions entry for Photoshop.


08 Windows users may get an error at this point. If you get an installation error, close the Extension Manager and restart the utility by right-clicking on the program icon and selecting the Run as Administrator option from the pop-up menu.


09 With the Extensions Manager open, click the Install button at the top of the window and locate and double-click the MXP or ZXP panel file to install.


10 Start Photoshop and then display the entries for the Window > Extensions menu. You will see the new panel listed here. Select the panel to display it in the main Photoshop workspace.

PLEASE NOTE: Panels designated Photoshop CS5 will only work in that version of the program. The same is also true of panels titled Photoshop CS4 which only work in CS4.